As the business has continued to grow at a phenomenal rate, coupled alongside a very loyal membership base, I am delighted to announce some extra £500k of improvements to the already announced million pound mill extension!!!

  • After discussions with the architect we have decided to utilise the loft space on the proposed mill extension. A new area to the current weights floor being half as big again! This will also become the new sports performance centre! There is a budget for an extra 70 pieces of equipment on this floor alone. As you can imagine to make the space habitable along with building regulations and more importantly to make it sound proof it is a big further investment!
  • After getting valuable feedback the male changing room will now be made three times bigger than the current area. The female changing area will also be extended to house an extra 4 showers.

It’s going to be fab, just fab!!!

I am also delighted to announce that:

  • The cardio equipment in the ladies zone is all set to be upgraded in December of this year, backed up with a £60k investment. This of course on top of the previously announced further 30 pieces of fat burning equipment in the ladies zone that is planned once the mill extension is complete.
  • The personal training class room on the top floor is all set to be relocated in October. This will create the space to restart the Hot Yoga classes AND THEY WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE CLUBS GOLD MEMBERSHIP!!!!!! There will be non-members classes as well. The room will also give us the time to run the Inches A Weigh weight management in the daytime. There will also be a fab range of Les Mills interactive classes through the 142 inch projector to work on a timetable with the awesome MYRIDE Cycle classes.

Due to the ever growing popularity of our Awesome Fire & Ice Spa from the 1st July the facility will now have extended opening times of:

Monday to Friday 06.30am-10.30pm

Saturday 6.30am-8.00pm

Sunday 7am-10.30pm

This month we will also receive an extra 8pieces of equipment from Life Fitness including 5 new free weight benches, a plate loaded leg press, a plate loaded arm curl and also an advanced arm curl and a triceps extension! To make space for these new pieces the abdominal machines will be relocated from the static resistance area to the cardio floor. LOOKING GOOD FOR OUR TARGET OF 470 PIECES OF EQUIPMENT BY THE END OF THE YEAR!

I am regularly receiving questions and suggestions  on the 25 metre swimming pool once its complete next year, to answer a few on the whole;

  • Yes the pool will be included in the clubs Gold membership and no there will be no price increase from the £17.50 per month price for existing members!
  • The pool will be open from 5am-11pm daily (Once the extension is complete the plan is to extend the 24 hour opening to 7 days a week)
  • We will remain an adult only club
  • I will not be looking to rent the pool out to any private organisations, clubs or business that will restrict member access.
  • The ethos of the pool area will be very much based on spa relaxation theme with four lanes for lengths

July Membership Offers!!!

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As ever all exciting!








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