The refurbished and sparkling Fire & Ice Spa is now back open! It’s just fabulous….

The refurbished and sparkling Fire & Ice Spa is now back open! It’s just fabulous….

The contractors have worked unbelievably hard over the last 11 days to create as something special as they have. I really can’t thank them enough.….  They Have:

• Both sets of the fire & ice spa foot spas have been retiled

• Many areas of the Fire & Ice floor tiles have been replaced with new drainage installed.

• The entrance from the males to the Fire & Ice spa has been retiled.

•  A new ceiling has been installed in and around the spa

• New themed salt and plant foliage walls have been installed in the fire & ice spa and pool areas

• Various sauna & steam rooms have been refurbished with new heat generators installed

• New sands have added to ALL pool filters for more efficient use and better water clarity

• The original hydrotherapy has been given an uplift

• The spa reception has had a new LED themed sky ceiling installed

• The waterfall cafe has had a new serving counter

As with all tight projects we did have some delays in deliveries and some unexpected curve balls so over the next few weeks the contractors will :

  • Install 5 new foot spas in the Rainforest Spa
  • Complete the refurbishment of the male showers.
  • Install the new welcome counter in the waterfall café…
  • Install a themed led ceiling in the spa.

Please note these jobs will be completed out of hours with no affect on anyones enjoyment….

I really am proud, I hope you love it as much as I do..

Mark Clifford


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